Case 117

1. Prepared by Seena Tabibi, MD and reviewed by Liz Crowe, MD

A middle-aged adult presented to the hospital with head trauma. Their past medical history was significant for chronic Hepatitis infection complicated by cirrhosis and splenomegaly. They were found to have a subdural hematoma on imaging. Neurosurgery was consulted to evaluate the feasibility of evacuating the hematoma. The patient has required numerous platelet transfusions in attempt to reach a platelet count goal of >100 K/ cu mm. The patient's platelet count has ranged from 23 K/ cu mm to 40K/cu mm (reference range 150-350 K/ cumm) over the past two days. The patient received one unit of apheresis platelets, which resulted in the increment in the platelet count from 23 K/cu mm to 32 K/cu mm. The post-transfusion platelet count was obtained within 1 hour of the end of transfusion. The patient has a body surface area (BSA) of 1.7 meters squared. Calculate corrected count increment (CCI).