Case 15 Part 2

1. Presented by Eric A. Gehrie, MD and prepared by Lorraine N. Blagg, MA, MLS(ASCP)SBB

Clinical Vignette

The patient returns several weeks later and is admitted to labor and delivery. An infant is delivered with APGAR score of 8 at one minute. The cord blood sample on the baby was O Positive with a negative DAT.

Laboratory results:

  • WBC count: 24.07 K/cu mm

  • Hemoglobin: 16.3 g/dL

  • Hematocrit: 46.3%

  • Mean Corpuscular Volume: 95.3 fL

  • Platelet count: 301 K/cu mm

  • Nucleated RBC: 0.09 K/cu mm

  • Retic count: 6.0%

  • Absolute retic count: 292.1 K/cu mm

  • Bilirubin, Total: 6.1 mg/dL

After review of the laboratory results a neonatal type & screen was sent on the newborn.

  • ABO/Rh type: O Pos

  • Antibody Screen: Positive

A selected antibody panel was performed by gel column method on the neonatal plasma.

What is the most likely antibody identification in the plasma?


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