Case 48

1. Presented by Caitlin Alexander, MD and reviewed by Lori Sokoll, Ph.D.

A young adult gravida 2 para 1 woman presented at 34 weeks 2 days gestational age with preterm contractions. Her history was notable for a prior preterm delivery at 36 weeks gestational age. Her current pregnancy was so far unremarkable. A cervical swab was collected and sent to the chemistry lab. Cervical exam was noted to be 3 cm dilation, 50% effaced, at -2 station. Tocometry confirmed contractions occurring at 5 minute intervals. She was admitted to the labor and delivery service for continued monitoring. Exam remained unchanged, and contractions resolved on hospital day 2. While admitted she received two doses of betamethasone. She was discharged home on hospital day 3.

Question: Which laboratory test was performed on the cervical swab?