Case 80

1. Prepared by Eitan Halper-Stromberg, MD and reviewed by Claire Knezevic, PhD.

An infant with a congenital disorder status-post surgical repair is admitted to the PICU with an oozing bleed from a PEG tube. The patient had a recent venous blood gas measured, with levels of CO2 48 mmHg, O2 40 mmHg, and pH of 7.31. The team decides to obtain a new venous blood sample and during the collection a supplemental oxygen nasal cannula is adjusted which aggravates the infant. The provider attempts to soothe the infant while taking the sample and introduces an air bubble into the syringe by accident. Unaware of the air bubble, the sample is submitted to the lab. What might the results of the venous blood show, given exposure to the air bubble in the syringe, with the baseline of the recent blood gas results?